We don't claim it,
We do it.


A Dominator yacht is entirely bespoke – made to measure to your exact specifications, tastes and preferences. As unique as its owner.

of a Dominator Yacht

As long as your ambition
As wide as your imagination
Your creative challenges
Defies logic
Nothing is impossible
Your senses

Every yacht we build
starts with a challenge

The bespoke concept

Working with top class designers and engineers who share our passion and philosophy, the process of excellence starts with setting ambitious goals in our desire to create yachts that are the very pinnacle in their field in terms of styling, performance, reliability, safety and comfort.

For us, it is an ongoing process of perfection as part of which we keep setting the bar higher and higher to produce yachts that are exquisite in every way.
A masterpiece of yacht building created from a unique marriage of advanced technology and sublime craftsmanship, everything about your Dominator is made specifically for you and is purpose-built by our design and engineering teams. The result is a vessel that takes the experience of owning a yacht to a new level.

We don’t just offer personalised versions of standards designs and options. There really are no limits to what we can do to create your own vision of paradise, so test us and let your creativity run free.

Challenge our creativity

This is the beginning of something unique...

Challenge our creativity.

Let’s create something new.

Experience a Process of Excellence

You are involved and updated ...

You are involved and updated ...

during every step of the building process ...

during every step of the building process ...

and you become a member of the exclusive circle of Dominator owners.

and you become a member of the exclusive circle of Dominator owners.

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