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Yacht Owner

Mr. Terry Giles, Yacht Owner

This summer my wife and I experienced a dream I have long had – all summer off the coast of France in a magnificent yacht. Dominator 28M Ilumen performance and special feel of comfort and elegance was spectacular. We could not have been more pleased.

Alberto Mancini, Designer

Design is more important than ever, and today owners want a yacht that offers the ultimate blend of performance, style, luxury amenities and comfort. In satisfying the demand for an elegant motor yacht that harmonises classic yachting tradition with modern technology and design, we designed the Dominator Ilumen to far exceed our clients’ expectations.
Managing Partner

Mag. Angela Pernsteiner, Managing Partner

The Dominator Ilumen yachts are bespoke through and through – from the choice of the hull between a semi-displacement and semi-planing version, to the individual comfort cruising speed, the propulsion system or the complete re-engineering of the internal spaces, to name only a few options.
Head of Engineering

Andrea Agusta, Head of Engineering

How many motor yachts of this size consistently integrate mega yacht solutions the same the Ilumen does? None! From the high-tech construction in post-cured glass and carbon mixed with epoxy resin to the full use of epoxy filler cycle and the application of the Awlcraft painting cycle instead of common, cheap gel coats – every detail immediately tells you that Ilumen is something quite different.

Trust & Experience

Our commitment to technological research and development, coupled with the finest designers and master craftsmen, ensures that a Dominator yacht is indeed a unique masterpiece. This drive for perfection is what our reputation is built on, and as a family-run company with full direct connection with the business we treasure that reputation and the relationship with our yacht owners who are not seen as clients so much as members of a very special Dominator community. This personal relationship and dedication to creating a unique, bespoke product for each owner means we are not only flexible, open-minded and transparent, but also available to you 24 hours a day.


The Dominator Quality Standards

From the quality of the materials used to the functionality of design and layout, and the advanced engineering solutions we painstakingly seek, Dominator sets new standards in power, comfort, reliability, ease of maintenance, cost-effective efficiency and safety.
This is possible not just because we work with the best designers and engineers in the field, both within the company and in alliances with others respected firms and technical institutions, but above all because we don’t take the easy option but continue to invest in the best and most advanced solutions, whether they are visible or only known to industry experts.

Beloved Brands

The beautiful synergy developed between Boutsen Design and Dominator in adding the final touch of decoration enhances the splendour of the refine interior and exterior of their luxury yachts with a strong emphasis on personalisation and uniqueness.
We are proud to fit our advanced MAN V8-1200 engines amongst others to the beautiful and innovative, semi-displacement Dominator Ilumen yachts.
Absolute attention to detail, maximum commitment to customer needs, and the highest consideration for all its business partners have made Schiavon renowned and appreciated - which fits the philosophy of Dominator Ilumen absolutely perfect and is identical with Dominator's bespoke 24/7 approach.
The Opacmare custom-solutions department works closely with Dominator engineers to create bespoke solutions that are technologically advanced, effective and pleasing to the eye.
Dominator works together with the world leader in active gyro stabiliser technology to achieve perfect seakeeping performances for the Dominator yachts.
To enhance comfort on board when at speed Dominator relies upon an advanced full motion damping system capable of significant roll and pitch reduction called Humphree Active Ride Control.
The top range leader in innovative audio-video, communication, entertainment and home automation systems is proud to have developed bespoke systems for the innovative Dominator Ilumen range.

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