Constantly going the extra mile

Yachts France visited CEO Angela Pernsteiner for an interview about the Dominator Ilumen Range.

Please introduce yourself and tell us more about what you do.

I'm, Angela Pernsteiner, the owner of the builder of the Dominator Ilumen range. I am managing and overseeing the sales and build processes of this brand new product range. I spend many of my days (and sometimes nights) in the shipyard and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Why choose the name Ilumen?

Ilumen stands for illumination of ideas and engineering approaches, light and innovative materials and sun-drenched ambients due to extensive use of glass, all combined to achieve a Masterpiece of Intelligence that will bring bright and exceptional moments to the owner and his family.  We have been working on the research and development of this project for 2 years to create something that could cover an exposed niche in the market: a yacht with a semi-displacement or semi-planing hull that is as sexy and as sleek in exterior design as a planning hull yacht. We combine space and volume with sleek and aggressive design together with high-quality, light-weight materials such as stitched glass and carbon fibers with the use of epoxy resins.

How many Yachts are planned per year?

Dominator has always used the tailor-made philosophy but with the Dominator Ilumen we brought the idea to another level: a completely bespoke philosophy with a 360° complete re-engineering of every Ilumen for every client, should the need arise. The approach is similar to that of mega yachts, where individual solutions are constantly studied to fulfill our clients’ every sophisticated wish and desire, no matter how exotic. To keep this bespoke, family oriented approach we will probably not produce more than 4-5 Ilumen masterpieces a year.

Will we find the same level of luxury in every Ilumen?

Absolutely! Each and every Ilumen contains the highest quality of materials and machinery. The Ilumen yachts distinguish themselves by different styles, layouts, machinery and equipment, different propulsion systems, different hulls (semi-planning hull and semi-displacement hull); they do not distinguish in terms of the luxury level and approach to the client. We live by the philosophy that each owner should be fully involved in his/her own build so that the Ilumen reflects the personality and style of the owner. This results in constant layout changes or hull modifications and we're happy to include this in the standard price, as many other features that are usually charged as optional in other 28M yachts. For example, mega-yacht painting, professionally engineered and designed rack systems for home entertainment, 10-year warranty on structural parts, an engine control room or hull-integrated epoxy resin composite floor for extra security and stability to name a few.

What is your first Market?

Clients who have their berth on the Mediterranean Sea, is our main market. I would not be able to name any particular nationality as we have very different nationalities and we are very pleased with this diversity. What I can say, is what all Ilumen clients have in common - they are successful, hard-working entrepreneurs who are inspiring us every day with their industry expertise, their view and way of life. With every client, we have a very close friendship rather than business relationship; one that has developed over time and this is the most wonderful experience in this challenging market. The unique personalities of our clients are the reasons why we put blood, sweat and tears, 360 days a year, into our masterpieces.

What is your international strategy? Do you want to develop a network of international distributors?

We have noticed that the traditional Dominator range and the Dominator Ilumen range attract two completely different clientele. Therefore, we are going more towards an international network of brand ambassadors, whether it be in the form of a dealer or a broker, but someone who really understands the philosophy rather than representing many different yacht brands. The Ilumen is a very complex product that can only unfold the many technical advantages and beautiful aspects when it can be explained in-depth. We love to work with brand ambassadors who have already built an Ilumen with us, because they know how we go the extra mile with and for our clients. No paper presentation or digital media strategy can explain what we are developing on-site during the creative brainstorming processes with our clients.

France is a very important market, what is your strategy to dominate this market?

France is indeed a very important market for us, especially because the first finished Ilumen construction, 28/03 Ilumen Kalliente, will be berthed in South of France throughout the summer of 2017. Then she will have her boatshow debut at Cannes and her first mega-yacht show debut in Monaco. We are planning private viewings and events throughout the summer on the Cote d’Azur which is a perfect location for us because the French Riviera offers as many different but equally beautiful places as the Ilumen can offer bespoke solutions: from natural, untouched waters to the glamour and Jetset of Cannes and Saint-Tropez. Ilumen's unique craftsmanship adapts to its unique client expectations.

What is your target for 2018?

We are constantly “going the extra mile” for our clients, whether it be the 24/7 availability, prompt responses to design and technical requests that would usually take weeks of studies or bringing our “decoration office” to their home, so along with their families, they can comfortably select the finest materials in a relaxed atmosphere.  Therefore, the main target is to find clients who understand, appreciate and are able to represent this Ilumen philosophy. Since we are only building a certain number of masterpieces, we are carefully selecting the clients because they’ll become part of our family.

We have also got several discussions for bigger Ilumen yachts, like Ilumen 32M and 36M and it is definitely our target to find the right future Ilumen family member to start building these projects with them.

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