Dominator 28M Ilumen: Winner of World Yachts Trophies 2018

The new Dominator 28M Ilumen MY CADET V won the award for the "Best Semi-Custom Yacht” in 24-38m category at the 2018 World Yachts Trophies. The World Yachts Trophies, taking place every year on the closing evening of Cannes Yachting Festival, are amongst the most renowned awards in the nautical sector.

M/Y CADET V - Best Semi-Custom Yacht

M/Y CADET V is a singular yacht in every aspect, from its performance dynamics achieved by a semi-displacement hull and a shaft propulsion system through to the interior decoration. The mission with this vessel was to create a true work of art, so every aspect of the yacht has been carefully researched, selected and applied with great expertise and attention to detail, resulting in what Dominator Yachts can proudly call a yacht of distinction.


“We used three tonalities of the finest quality oak enhanced with richly grained palisander wood. The floors feature hand-made custom parquet, while the interior in bespoke tones of blue and grey reflect the colour palette of the sea.”


This important award acknowledges the work of both designers, Luca Catino (Interior) and Alberto Mancini (Exterior), as well as the innovative engineering of NavalHEAD and Andrea Agrusta. But it is also honours the work of the shipyard, which has skillfully produced a unique 28-metre yacht featuring excellent levels of quality and the design and content of a much larger yacht.