Launching Soon: The Dominator Ilumen 28M

The Dominator Ilumen 28M is taking shape in a state‐of-­the‐art shipyard in Italy and is preparing for her launch soon.

Launching Soon: The Dominator Ilumen 28M

The Dominator Ilumen 28M is taking shape in a state‐of­‐the­‐art shipyard in Italy and is preparing for her launch soon.

2017 will be the most important year in the history of Dominator. It is this year when the long-­planned and long­‐developed Ilumen 28M will touch the water and will be showcased as the most innovative and modern yacht in the Mediterranean.

Dominator team is busy creating unique experiences to showcase its most innovative creation with an active agenda for 2017:

• Exclusive Media Launch (June)
• Bespoke Client Launch (June)
• Private Dinner Parties around the Cote d’Azur (July‐August)
• Cannes Yachting Festival (September)
• Monaco Yacht Show (September)

A new concept in design and engineering takes yachting to the next level

Mag. Angela Pernsteiner, CEO, Ilumen AG

With the new Dominator Ilumen, we are providing a mega yacht standard on 28M. This means more comfortable and luxurious living spaces, sophisticated ambient lighting and bespoke materials, top-­level amenities and enhanced on-board stability, safety and nautical range, but also lower fuel consumption, emissions and reduced maintenance. This new design creates a unique, unparalleled package for the owner: a Masterpiece of Intelligence.

The entire Dominator design, engineering and construction team has put blood, sweat and tears into creating a yachting revolution and we are proud that this is rewarded by the market through the construction of several Ilumen. Owners are very much attracted to the unique exterior design combined with technological features that make the Ilumen second to none in its class.

True to the motto ‘innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower’, Dominator is proud to have abright future ahead.

The Dominator Bespoke Experience

“Dominator strives for perfection in everything we do.We find the best components and systems and put them altogether in an outstanding package to produce an unequalled experience at sea.”

Dominator has teamed up with the best in class for each and every supply to achieve both performance and comfort at sea. The unique structural design of the Dominator HPH (High Performance Hull) that merges strength with lightweight flexibility, speed and fuel efficiency, is an industry leading innovation that is waiting to be sea trialed soon in order to prove its outstanding characteristics.

At the same time, the Bespoke Interior Office of Dominator Ilumen is constantly on the quest for new designs and innovative materials as the interior dressing of each yacht is a highly personal affair. The interior of each Ilumen is completely tailor-made to the individual needs of each owner. Whether it is moving structural bulkheads and re-engineering the complete ambient in the cabins or finding precious eye-catchers that are putting the cherry on the cake, Dominator’s extraordinary team can fulfill any individual request including the most difficult ones to personalize your experience. The Bespoke Team is going the extra mile by meeting owners in their private villas and houses or in their favorite hotels around the world, so the highly individual taste can be merged with the interior design on the Ilumen from the outset.


Andrea Agrusta, Head of Engineering

Bespoke at Dominator also means that an owner or his captain can take part in developing the ideal propulsion system that fit his individual needs with regard to performance and efficiency.

A Counter Rotating Propellers (CRP) push/pull system developed in collaboration with Reintjes further enhances maneuvering and propulsion powerful engine units to provide exhilarating performance alongside optimal comfort and efficiency. While it is a classic design but at same time revolutionary, shaft propulsion has been developed in cooperation with CJR Propulsion and Vulkan Couplings in order to have a highly efficient system without the propagation of noise and vibrations thanks to the complete floating propulsion group. This results in optimal comfort delivery even with a traditional propulsion system, so the owner can enjoy the cruise hearing nothing but the romantic noise of the waves.

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