The Birth of a new Standard

The world´s specialist press is gathering to view the Dominator Ilumen as it takes shape in its state-of-the-art shipyard in Italy.

The Dominator Ilumen – birth of a new standard

The world´s specialist press is gathering to view the Dominator Ilumen as it takes shape in its state-of-the-art shipyard in Italy. The birth of a new standard in luxury yachting!

Originally conceived as the Ilumen 26M, the innovative yacht will undergo a change of designation to the Ilumen 28M as it has grown in both dimension and sophistication. More closely related to a 30-metre yacht, it measures almost 28 metres with the swim platform and over 29 metres with the transformer. The latest Ilumen yacht just got even better!

“In the past few years the yacht market has changed. Today’s owners are demanding more – greater, more comfortable and luxurious living spaces, sophisticated ambient lighting, top-level amenities and enhanced on-board stability, safety and nautical range, but also lower fuel consumption, emissions and reduced maintenance.

We have merged these demanding standards with our design and development philosophy to make the Ilumen yacht series truly exceptional, using client feedback to focus on specific quality-enhancing details that mark the difference between good and outstanding.”

Mag. Angela Pernsteiner, Dominator Owner Family

The groundbreaking Ilumen series

The result of this inspired development process is the Ilumen yacht series, whose 28, 32 and 36 models represent a new era in luxury yachting, combining the very best in advanced technology, stunning external design and exquisite interior style and comfort. Design and engineering were merged to optimally harmonise form and function in a superb new class of ocean-going yachts.

Following ground-breaking R&D and using the latest engineering, design and testing concepts, the new Ilumen is now under construction and available for viewing in all its technical glory. New owners will experience a whole new level of enjoying the power and glamour of yachting, the product of advanced conceptual thinking and meticulous attention to detail that makes the Ilumen series of yachts unique in its class.

From the outset, we used a rational design approach typical of big ship or military vessel design

Head of Engineering Andrea Agrusta

Design and Engineering concept

“From the outset, we used a rational design approach typical of big ship or military vessel design,” says Head of Engineering Andrea Agrusta. As a result, the yacht was completely modeled in 3D by the synergies of both, the design team of AM Yacht Design and the engineering team of Naval Head, from the exterior lines to interior architectural and technical details, in order to arrive at a functional, ergonomic and aesthetically pleasing placement and distribution of all the interior and exterior elements – from the engine room to the luxury living spaces.

The result is an ideal use of space and weight distribution that enhances both performance and comfort at sea. “Even so, a Dominator yacht would not carry the badge if it didn’t represent the very finest in engineering and design, so following enthusiastic feedback from the owner of the last yacht delivered, we are going to adopt a clever double system of yacht stabilization made of a gyro and interceptors,” says Federico Brumat of Dominator’s Technical Office. “Many yachts foresee zero speed fins; to avoid adding resistance due to appendages we went for a huge gyro stabilizer from Seakeeper capable of a reduction of 80 per cent of the uncontrolled roll angle up to 14 degrees.”

To enhance comfort on board when at speed the Ilumen will rely upon an advanced full motion damping system capable of roll and pitch motion reduction called Humphree Active Ride Control. Humphree interceptors guarantee the lowest possible resistance at each speed, thus increasing speed and lowering fuel consumption. “Following previous positive experience, we have developed a new compact main engine exhaust outlet with Profjord, a company skilled in high level hydrodynamic solutions.” The new system enhances engine room clearance and enables Gold Standard warranty, while Profjord has also been appointed to design a new double redundant sea chest inlet that will be virtually cavitation- and resistance-free, providing seawater flow in the whole speed range.

Moreover, in addition to the most advanced structural design that merges strength with lightweight flexibility, speed and fuel efficiency, the Dominator HPH (High Performance Hull) is an industry leading innovation that ensures excellent seakeeping performance and both static and dynamic stability even in rough seas. The HPH hull in the semi-displacement version is designed to perfectly match the MAN V8-1200 engines in order to push the Ilumen at cruising speed with optimal RPM and in the minimum specific consumption condition.

“A Counter Rotating Propellers (CRP) push/pull system developed in collaboration with Reintjes further enhances manoeuvring and propulsion powerful engine units to provide exhilarating performance alongside optimal comfort, stability, safety and efficiency. The latter is also evident in the choice of Fischer Panda iSeries Generators that use variable speed technology, which allows the speed of the engine to be regulated and adjusted according to the electrical load, making it economical to run. Two such gensets are installed in mutual backup in order to lower the service hours per unit and maintenance.”

The chillers dedicated to the air conditioning system are likewise equipped with a variable frequency driven compressor and incorporate an adjustable electric converter that controls the speed of the motor, thus varying the cooling and heating capacity. Eliminating stop-start cycles in this way considerably increases the energy efficiency and extends the life of the system. Meanwhile, the installation of a solar control interlayer film in glassed areas such as the owner’s cabin lowers direct heat transmittance from the sun by 40 per cent.

Such systems make Ilumen yachts more environmentally friendly and economical to run, while the 1500-litre per minute bilge suction capacity is unparalleled in its class. In addition, the yachts can also be prepared to MGN 280 compliance certification, which enables British-registered vessels to be operated commercially. All the above is the product of over 10,000 hours of detailed engineering, supported by advanced modeling and testing, using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and performance tank tests that leave nothing to chance.

... a synthesis of technology and design that uses the noblest materials ...

Eng. Salvatore Chiappetta, Head of Ilumen Production

Comfort, Style and Emotion

“Each and every Ilumen yacht is a thing of beauty – a synthesis of technology and design that uses the noblest materials to produce a wonderfully stylish, aesthetically pleasing interior environment and exterior architecture that turns heads. Above all, an Ilumen is created to produce an unequalled experience at sea, making this a powerful, dynamic ride and a nautical villa at the same time,” says Eng. Salvatore Chiappetta, Head of Ilumen Production. He spent most of his career at mega yacht builder Benetti and joined the Dominator Team recently as his experience perfectly matches with the mega yacht approach that Dominator applies in the Ilumen range.

I have created something more emotional than you will find anywhere else

Alberto Mancini from AM Yacht Design

About the exterior and interior design…

“I have created something more emotional than you will find anywhere else,” says the designer Alberto Mancini from AM Yacht Design. “The exterior design embraces all the elements, including stepping out of the main cabin suite onto the private owner’s upper bow terrace.” Sleek, seductive and modern, it is geared towards stirring an emotion both from within and as you see the magnificent vessel elegantly gliding through the water.

"As impressive as the proportions are, the layout of five cabins and the interior luxurious detailing has enhanced the experience and made the boat feel as though it is so much bigger."

Exceptionally luxurious detailing continues in all the interior and exterior areas of the yacht, with custom-made furniture and bulkheads finished in the most opulent and tactile materials, such as backlit white onyx, ebony and zebrano wood, matt oak, silk and soft nubuck leather."

The interior dressing of each yacht is a highly personal affair

Giulia Sigismondi, Head of the Dominator Bespoke Office

…and an exquisite bespoke experience

“The interior dressing of each yacht is a highly personal affair,” says Giulia Sigismondi, Head of the Dominator Bespoke Office, “so we work with the owners to make it a bespoke design that fits them like a glove in terms of taste and preferences.” One thing that remains constant is the sense of exquisite refinement and privilege created to each owner’s exacting taste.

“We were invited by the owners of the Ilumen under construction to spend three days brainstorming with them in their beautiful villa surrounded by wonderful forests and nature. It can’t be denied that we were inspired by this setting, which found its way into the interior decoration in the form of natural materials such as wood, stone and leather. In this way a richly ambient interior sets the tone for life amid stunning, ever-changing seascapes.

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